Blackjack Definitions


Online Blackjack Definitions

It doesn’t matter if you cut your gambling teeth playing at the finest Las Vegas casinos and resorts.

If your objective is to win some serious money playing online Blackjack at one of our fine Las Vegas style online casinos, it is essential that you’re clued up on the most common online Blackjack definitions.

Here they are in alphabetical order:


In Blackjack, Aces have a value of one or eleven.


When your cards or the dealer’s cards total 21 points. The objective of Blackjack is to get 21 points.


When either you or the dealer draw cards that total more than 21. If you bust you automatically lose your bet.


Standard 52 card deck of playing cards. Many casinos offer Blackjack games with multiple decks of cards.


When you ask the dealer to deal additional cards. The rules of online Blackjack also require the dealer to draw or ‘hit’.

Face Card

Also known as Picture Cards, face cards each have a value of ten and comprise Kings, Queens and Jacks.

Hard Hand

This is when you or the dealer hold a hand which doesn’t contain an Ace. A hard hand also means a hand which contains an Ace but it can only hold the value of one.


See Draw

Hole Card

This is the dealer’s card that is dealt face down.


This is an optional side bet that you can take to ‘protect yourself’ against the dealer making a Blackjack. Most experienced Blackjack players advise against taking out insurance.


This refers to a Blackjack made up from your initial two cards. For example an Ace and a Jack.

Picture Card

See Face Card.


This is when you increase the size of your bet, usually after a winning hand.

Soft Hand

This is a hand which contains an Ace that you can count as either one or eleven.


Whenever you are dealt a pair you have the option to split it and play each card independently. Note that is not advisable to split a pair of tens because you are holding 20 points.


This where you stick with the cards you have. In other words you don’t draw anymore cards from the dealer.


See Stand.

Stiff Hand

This is a hand with points that value between 12 and 16. In online Blackjack, a stiff hand is not ideal.


This is where you can ‘throw in your cards’ before the dealer shows his cards. By surrendering you lose half of your bet.