My Las Vegas Online Casino Odyssey



This story takes place on a calm, moonlit night. There was absolutely nothing on the box, my wife was already sound asleep as were my kids.

Not feeling tired at all, I decided to surf the Net for a while. So, armed with a piping hot cuppa joe, I settled snuggly into my comfortable old leather chair behind my antique mahogany desk and switched on my PC.

As it began to boot up, I reflected on my day and decided I was very happy to see the back of it. I welcomed the Google homepage that popped up on my 21″ screen and absent-mindedly rubbed my hands together.

My first port of call was my favorite sports site to check out the headlines for the day. I was disappointed to read that the basketball team I supported was about to lose one of their top players.

Next, I read a couple of online reviews for a movie my wife and I were eager to see.

Thinking about my wife, I remembered that she wanted us to spend our upcoming 10-year wedding anniversary in Las Vegas, the city we got married in when we were still wild and carefree.

I ‘Googled’ Las Vegas and related terms and scrolled through page after page after page looking for Las Vegas hotel specials.

It was then that a particular listing caught my eye – ‘Welcome to the Casino Las Vegas -On your first deposit we will give you a superb BONUS for FREE!’.

Intrigued, I clicked on the link and was taken to a professional green and gold website. So this is what an online casino looks like, I remember thinking to myself.

You see, this was the first time I had actually been on an online casino website, never mind a Las Vegas online casino website. I scanned the casino’s lobby for all the information I could find, being of analytical mind.

What stood out to me, in particular, was the ‘$400 welcome bonus’ offered to all first time Casino Las Vegas depositors.

Suddenly, I felt a rush of excitement pulsing through my body and my heartbeat began to quicken. I was staring at the dollar sign when I asked myself the question, ‘why the hell not?’.

So I took the plunge. Following Casino Las Vegas’ user-friendly instructions, I proceeded to download its casino software onto my PC. When I was done installing it, I activated my secure account.

I decided to set myself a budget of $100 and made the deposit painlessly into my account using MoneyBookers.

Almost instantly, I saw that my account reflected $200 (thanks to my first deposit bonus of $100). My adrenalin seemed to be at an all time high now that I was just a few short clicks away from playing on one of many Las Vegas casino gambling games.

I remember feeling almost like a virgin again, just before my first time. I dashed to the kitchen to refresh my coffee, sprung back into my favorite chair and was raring to go.

What happened next would take me over 20 pages to describe – the excitement of playing my first ever progressive online slots game, my intrepidation at playing on a multi-player blackjack table, my curiosity of a Las Vegas online casino roulette game, with its dazzling graphics and sounds, and the overwhelming joy of winning $60 on my first online craps game ever.

When I logged off from my PC exactly 2 hours and 16 minutes later, I felt spent, exhilarated and titillated all at the same time. This had been my first ever experience with online gambling and I was pumped!

My total winnings for the evening had come to an impressive $172! When I quietly crawled into bed alongside my wife, I finally understood what all the ‘online gambling hype’ was about and wondered when my next Las Vegas online casino excursion would be.

These thoughts were still flowing though my mind as I drifted gently off to sleep.